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Training Independent Kitesurfers

Choose your kitesurfing course in Tarifa

Select the kitesurfing course module according to your current knowledge and define your kitesurfing progression goals.

Learn Kitesurfing

Course Lv. 1 Discovery

Initiation and discovery, your first steps in the world of kitesurfing

learn the waterstart in kitesurfing

Course Lv. 2 Intermediate

Your entry into the water, learning the body-drag and first waterstarts.

kitesurf Lessons in Tarifa

Course Lv. 3 Independent

Learn to ride upwind, Become an independent kitesurfer

Freestyle kitesurf Tarifa

Course Lv.4 Advanced

Learn how to kitesurf, develop your style and knowledge

Strapless kitesurfing lessons Tarifa

Course Lv.5 Strapless

Taste the freedom, learn how to surf strapless!

Tiki kitesurfing courses in Tarifa

Tiki Course

Back to the roots of surfing for a pure riding experience

IKO certifications

At the end of each course module, your instructor will certify you at the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO).
This allows you to keep track of your progress as well as the possibility to rent your equipment in any Iko affiliated centre in the world once you reach the independent level.

Radio communication

With the radio helmet, you will never be alone in the water! Your instructor will guide you in real time as you progress through the water, saving you precious learning time and giving you instant feedback.

Duration of the Kitesurfing Lessons

The duration of a kitesurfing lesson usually varies between 2 and 3 hours, depending on various factors such as your level, motivation, weather conditions and the type of lesson you choose (private or semi-private). During your kitesurfing lessons, you will work with your instructor to set a pace that suits your needs and level, in order to achieve the best results.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions.

We find that the average number of hours needed to become an autonomous kitesurfer is between 12 and 15 hours.

Of course, this can vary according to different parameters such as:

The type of course chosen (private or semi-private).

Your previous experiences with other board sports.

Your fitness level.

It is more the weight and personal motivation that determine the entry age to learn kitesurfing. Thanks to suitable equipment and more sustained attention, it is possible to learn kitesurfing from the age of 7 and a minimum weight of +/- 45Kg.

On your side everything you need to have a good time: swimsuit, sunscreen, glasses, water and above all lots of good humor.

On our side, we provide all the technical and educational material for the practice of kitesurfing. (Harnesses, neoprene suits, 50N life jackets, helmets, Radio, Kite leash, kites, bars & boards)

Kitesurfing all year round in Tarifa!

With wind statistics exceeding 300 days a year, one can easily understand the reasons that make Tarifa a world class spot. If you are already an experienced kitesurfer I would say “All year round”.

The best times to take lessons are from March to November because the wind blows mainly Levante (coming from the East) and thus makes the body of water flat with a sustained wind. This is the ideal.

From November to March during the winter period, the wind is more often Poniente (from the West). In these periods there are more waves, but if you are a confirmed strapless practitioner then, Welcome to the kite paradise

This is one of the big advantages of Tarifa, even if the wind is present more than 300 days a year.
The custom here is to say “A mal tiempo buena cara” which can be translated as “Against bad luck, good heart”.

In fact, a windless day is the perfect opportunity to discover the region, go hiking, climbing, scuba diving, horseback riding 
In short, go on an adventure or simply take the opportunity to relax.

Here is a list of activities to do and discover in Tarifa.

Logo Iko Federation


Logo Iko Federation
Cours kitesurf Discovery IKO Discovery Kiteboarder
ASEA (Spot, Environment, Activity) assessment
Hold, carry, and secure a kite on land
Kite setup
BSafety systems use
Pre-flight check
Launch and land as an assistant
CFirst piloting and explore the wind window’s edge
Let go of the bar
Twist and untwist the lines
DFly one-handed
Trim introduction
Walk while flying the kite
Launch and land as a pilot
Wind window theory
EInflight quick release activation
Equipment packing

To the IKO LEVEL 1 DISCOVERY Kitesurf course

Cours de kitesurf à TARIFA IKO IKO Intermediate Kiteboarder
FEnter and exit the water while controlling the kite
Water relaunch
GBody-drag with 2 hands, kite stable
Body-drag with power stroke

Body-drag upwind

Body-drag with the board
Self-rescue and pack down introduction

IROW (Right Of Way) rules introduction
Controlled stop

To the IKO LEVEL 2 INTERMEDIATE Kitesurf course

Cours de kitesurf à Tarifa Iko IKO Independent Kiteboarder
JControl of speed by edging
KRide upwind
LSliding transition
MRide toeside
Self-rescue and pack down in deep water

To the IKO LEVEL 3 INDEPENDENT Kitesurf course

Stage de Kitesurf IKO federation IKO Advanced Kiteboarder
OBasic jump
PPower jibe
QJump with a grab
RJump transition
SRider recovery
TBoard recovery
UInternational kiteboarding signs
VROW (Right Of Way) rules
XWeather and tides

To the IKO LEVEL 4 ADVANCED Kitesurf course

cours de kite Tarifa straplessIKO Strapless & Wave Riding
1Wave and current analysis
2Pass the shore break
3Exit the water with shore break strapless
4S-turns strapless
5Jibe strapless
6Ride on waves over 1m (all previous skills) strapless
7Floater strapless
8Snap back strapless
9Tack strapless
10Ride on waves over 2m (all previous skills) strapless

Downwinder on waves strapless

12Jump on a wave strapless

To the IKO LEVEL 5 STRAPLESS & WAVE RIDING Kitesurf course

Price of kitesurf Courses

Private Course

1 student / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
60 / h 2 - 3h / day
  • 1 Kite / 1 student
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • Full equipment
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 2 Kite / 1 Instructor
40 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 2 Kites / 2 students
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • Full equipment
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
30 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 1 Kite / 2 students
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • Full equipment
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets
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