Module 1 – Discovery

Learn kitesurfing in Tarifa

Discover Kitesurfing

To learn kitesurfing, the very first objective is to acquire an intuitive control of your kite. With the help of your instructor, discover the unique sensations of kite flying and acquire perfect control of your kite. Contrary to what you might think, flying a kite does not require physical strength but rather smoothness and finesse; this is what makes kitesurfing a sport accessible to everyone.

Join us in Tarifa, a true European kitesurfing and water sports paradise! You will be surrounded by a passionate team and perfect weather conditions to learn how to kitesurf.

Why, for whom?

Learn Kitesurfing

In this module we will learn to:

This is your entry into the world of kitesurfing!

How many hours to learn kitesurfing?

The average number of hours to become an autonomous kiteboarder is between 12 and 15 hours of lessons.
Obviously, this can vary slightly depending on different parameters such as:

In any case, the watchword is: No pressure!  We are all different, to each his own rhythm. 

Learn to kitesurf - Beginner's course

Equipment provided by the school

It is essential to feel comfortable and safe when you learn kitesurfing.

The feeling of control and the comfort of piloting inevitably depends on the use of recent kites in perfect working order with a predictable and reactive behaviour adapted to the teaching. 

At Matos Tarifa, we offer you the latest equipment of the current year and top quality with kites and bars of the brand Duotone with the NEO and EVO ranges ideal for their predictable behaviour, easy to relaunch in the water and excellent sensations on the bar. 

Duotone Kiteboarding

To bring with you:

Equipment provided for kitesurfing lessons:

Is kitesurfing a dangerous sport?

No, although it is often perceived as an extreme sport, the risks and dangers of learning to kitesurf are proportional to the level and practice of the activity.
Simply put, kitesurfing is no more dangerous than diving or paragliding.

However, like all outdoor sports that engage with the natural elements such as the sea and wind, kitesurfing requires a thorough apprenticeship with professional instructors in an approved kitesurfing school in order to progress in kitesurfing independently and responsibly.

Choose Tarifa to learn kitesurfing.

If you want to discover kitesurfing, Tarifa is the ideal option. The wind conditions are exceptional and the spots are perfect for a complete learning process.

Matos Tarifa is a school specialised in teaching kitesurfing. We guarantee a fast and efficient progression towards autonomy thanks to our experienced instructors who will accompany you throughout your learning process. You’ll be sure to master the right practices and acquire the necessary skills to feel confident and autonomous on your board.

In addition to our quality courses, learning to kitesurf in Tarifa will allow you to enjoy the sun and the warm atmosphere of the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia. You will be able to admire breathtaking views while progressing at your own pace for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience.
Don’t hesitate, join us for this exciting adventure


If you have already mastered the basics of Module 1 Discovery, move on to Module 2

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