Activities, What to do in Tarifa

Activities to do in Tarifa on a windless day? Do you want to discover something else between two kitesurfing sessions?
Tarifa is a huge playground for sporty people and nature lovers.

Scuba diving

In kitesurfing you fly on water, but have you ever tried it underwater?
Discover the underwater life, feel the weightlessness. For experienced divers or novice divers, the discovery of the underwater world in Tarifa is an unforgettable moment, a rich biodiversity thanks to the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The dives around the island of Las Palomas offer many different spots whether scuba diving or simply snorkeling. Go and meet torpedo rays, scorpion fish, conger eels, Hélène moray eels, and all the colorful fish that we meet in these magical places where we are only temporary visitors.

We recommend the Leon Marino center in front of the port of Tarifa. SSI certified diving center, DanDiving Tarifai and his wife welcome you with a huge smile to introduce you to scuba diving in Tarifa

Surf of course!

From October to May it is the wave season in Tarifa, the Atlantic storms bring strong swells along the Andalusian coast.
It is not uncommon to encounter wave conditions there between 1.5 and 3m and we can clearly state that the best sessions take place during the change of wind when the Poniente disappears and gives way to the Levante.
This is how the Off-Shore wind makes the surface of the water completely glassy for our greatest happiness.

There are plenty of shops in Tarifa where you can rent your board for the day.

Surfing spot in Tarifa

Some surf spots.

Balnéario : The bay in front of the center of Tarifa and the island of Las Palomas.
Popular spot, often glassy and fast waves.

Arte-Vida : Good atmosphere on the water, sandy bottom with some scattered rocks offers perfect conditions in small swells.

Punta-Paloma : To the right of the point next to the famous dune of Valdevaqueros. When well oriented, this pretty spot offers great conditions.

El-Palmar : Mecca of surfing 60km from Tarifa. Long beach which offers very beautiful waves ideal for learning. Lots of school and surf shop on site.

Observation of marine mammals

Watch dolphins and whales in the Strait of Gibraltar with the Firmm foundation.

Foundation for the Protection and Research of Marine Mammals (FIRMM).

Founded in 1998 by Katharina Heyer, the Firmm foundation intelligently associates regular observation of common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, killer whales, fin whales and sperm whales with the public which allows an effective form of awareness and therefore also allows to contribute by research to protect these magnificent animals as well as their natural environment.

Katharina and her team take you to a respectful encounter with the 7 species of cetaceans that live in the Strait of Gibraltar from the port of Tarifa.

Firmm Whale Watching

Trekking and Hiking

Whether mountain biking, walking or trail running, the region of natural parks around Tarifa offers you some of the most beautiful hiking and trekking trails in Andalusia.

Magnificent panoramas, observations of flora and fauna, bird migration, go on an adventure for a day in the middle of nature.

Here are some beautiful hikes to discover in Tarifa:

Buddha trail
9.3 km hike, viewpoint of Valdevaqueros and Tarifa, passage through the Buddha cave (Please respect the place and do not touch anything). – Difficulty: Easy

Necropolis of Los Algarbes – Departure Valdevaqueros
16km hike from the dune of Valdevaqueros which takes you to the archaeological site of the necropolises of Los Algarbes dating from the Bronze Age. – Difficulty: moderate.

A Tour of Tarifa
8.23km hike around Tarifa Difficulty: Easy

Mountain bike and ebike rental in Tarifa: Ebike Spain Tarifa Centrer

Randonnée à Tarifa

Horse Riding

Discover the beaches and the national park on the back of an Andalusian horse.

Consider a gallop along the beaches of Tarifa, the possibility of performing varied hikes in the Natural Park of L’Estrecho.

Learn to guide your horse in a natural way by weight and voice over the fantastic landscapes offered by this region of Andalusia.

Learn to guide your horse in a natural way by weight and voice over the fantastic landscapes offered by this region of Andalusia.
Since 1994 Christina Ward, Swiss Veterinarian and her team at Aventura Ecuestre have been helping endangered horses in the Andalusian region.

Horseback riding in Tarifa
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