Module 5 – Strapless

Strapless kitesurfing courses

Learn Strapless Kitesurfing 

Strapless kitesurfing is a discipline in its own right!

Instead of riding with a traditional board, also known as a twintip, where the feet are strapped in, a directional surfboard is used.

During the Strapless kite course, you will learn how to manage the waterstart and the glide on a strapless surfboard.

The Strapless kitesurfing course opens the door to smoother and more fluid navigation.

Not having the feet attached brings a greater sense of freedom.

Why, for whom?

Strapless kitesurfing courses

How to perform the waterstart in strapless kitesurfing?

What is the ideal stance and positioning on a surfboard?

In this module we will learn:

Riding the waves

Read the swell, see the wave forming gradually, adjust your riding speed and be perfectly synchronised.

With a bigger board volume than a twintip, kitesurfing on a directional board opens up a whole new world of waves for you. Feel the thrust under your feet, that’s Strapless kitesurfing too.

Module 5 – Strapless is for those who have mastered all the prerequisites of Module 3 – Independent

You already know how to kitesurf Strapless?
Come and discover the magic of riding a Tiki!

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