Matos Kitesurf School In Tarifa

Kitesurf School in Tarifa

Welcome to Matos Tarifa, the reference kitesurfing school in Tarifa, an IKO & FAV certified centre.

Our team of passionate and experienced instructors is here to offer you an exceptional kitesurfing experience.
From beginners to advanced levels, we focus on guiding you every step of the way, with an accent on your progress and safety.

We use a high-performance teaching approach, adapted to all levels, to help you quickly achieve your personal goals of total kitesurfing autonomy.

From the moment you take to the water, you’ll be guided by radio to help you make efficient progress.

If you’re looking for a kitesurfing school in Tarifa, try Matos Tarifa.

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Tarifa Kitesurf School IKO

Matos, your kitesurf school in Tarifa

Join the Matos Family for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience!

Our main aim is to train you to become an autonomous kitesurfer in a relaxed and fun atmosphere!

Every stage of your kitesurfing learning process is divided into modules to ensure the fastest and most efficient Step-by-Step progression possible.

Your progress is our priority, and we focus on a fast-paced step-by-step pedagogy adapted to everyone.

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Max. 2 students/instructor

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IKO / FAV Instructors

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Why Learn Kitesurfing?

Discover incredible, addictive riding sensations as you learn a sport that’s not as difficult as you might think.

Kitesurfing is much more than an individual sport. It’s a sport of sharing and collaboration, where everyone helps and encourages the other to surpass themselves.

If you love thrills and the freedom of the sea, then Kitesurf is for you!

Kitesurf School Tarifa
Kitesurf School Tarifa Matos

Complete training!

Kitesurfing isn’t just about navigating the water or sending out impressive jumps, it’s also about mastering a set of fundamental skills.

Understanding and reading the weather, knowing how to choose your kitesurfing spot, knowing self-rescue techniques and being attentive to the conservation of the environment in which you practice your passion.

In our kitesurf school, we train you in all these practices and give you the reflexes you need to make the most of your kitesurfing sessions.

Student feedback

Thanks to all the kitesurfers who have put their trust in us and who consider Matos Tarifa to be one of the best kitesurf schools around!

Tarifa, Capital of kitesurfing

With over 300 days of wind a year, Tarifa is undoubtedly the kitesurfing capital of Europe! On top of this, Tarifa offers spectacular beaches and unspoilt nature, making it a unique place to learn and progress in kitesurfing.

Lovers of nature and gliding will find an incredible playground here. Our kitesurf school is located on the beautiful beaches of Los Lances and Valdevaqueros, less than 10 minutes by car from the town center. These sandy beaches offer ideal conditions for learning and progressing in kitesurfing.

We’re proud to introduce you to these magnificent kitesurfing spots, where you can enjoy optimal conditions and breathtaking scenery. Join us for an unforgettable kitesurfing experience in Tarifa!

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