Kite School in Tarifa

Learn to kitesurf with Matos kite school in Tarifa, IKO & FAV certified center.

From beginners to advanced kitesurfers, you will be guided by radio from the time you get on the water to reach your goals as quickly as possible during your kitesurfing course in Tarifa. We teach you to kitesurf with top quality equipment with brands such as Duotone and Ion Sports, leaders in the kitesurfing world.

In our kite school, the priority is based on your progress and your rapid evolution according to your personal objectives. Thanks to an efficient teaching method adapted to all.
Come and learn kitesurfing in Tarifa, in complete safety and with maximum pleasure!

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Kitesurfing courses

Choose your kite course according to your current level.

école de kitesurf à Tarifa

Course Lv. 1 Discovery

Initiation and discovery, your first steps in the world of kitesurfing

école de kitesurf Tarifa

Course Lv. 2 Intermediate

Your entry into the water, learning the body-drag and first waterstarts.

Stage de kitesurf à Tarifa

Course Lv. 3 Independent

Learn to ride upwind, Become an independent kitesurfer

Learn to Jump in Kitesurf

Course Lv.4 Advanced

Learn to Jump, develop your style and skills

Strapless kitesurfing lessons Tarifa

Course Lv.5 Strapless

Taste the freedom, learn how to surf strapless!

Apprendre le Tiki Kitesurf

Tiki Course

Back to the roots of surfing for a pure riding experience

Learn kitesurfing in Tarifa

Kitesurfing gives an incredible feeling of pleasure and addictive sensations, and it is not very complicated to learn.
Of course, as with most sports that are practiced in communion with the natural elements, learning to kitesurf requires a complete apprenticeship in an official and recognized kite school in order to evolve safely.

Choosing a kite school in Tarifa is therefore a crucial step in your new life as a kitesurfer and even more than the school, it is the relationship with your instructor that will allow you to acquire a solid training in an efficient and fast way.
For these reasons we are a small team of professional instructors with the same teaching philosophy because the success of your kitesurfing course is conditioned by the pedagogical qualities of the instructors.

At Matos Tarifa our goal is to train independent and responsible kitesurfers.
To achieve this, we focus on a step-by-step teaching method because kitesurfing is not only about knowing how to navigate on the water, but also about understanding and reading the weather, knowing how to choose a kitesurfing spot, knowing rescue techniques and being attentive to the preservation of the natural environment that is lent to us for the practice of our passion.

Tarifa, capital of wind and kitesurfing

The wind statistics in Tarifa are impressive with more than 300 days per year.

Its spectacular beaches and preserved nature make Tarifa a unique place for water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, Wingfoil, surfing, scuba diving, but also, cliff climbing, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding…
Tarifa is simply a huge playground for nature lovers. 

The courses in our kite school in Tarifa take place on the beautiful beaches of Los Lances and Valdevaqueros less than 10 minutes drive from the town centre. These are large sandy beaches with perfect conditions for learning to kitesurf.

Matos Kite School Tarifa

Guide of Tarifa

aller à Tarifa en Avion

How to get to Tarifa ?

How to go easily to Tarifa? Nothing's easier. By plane, Road trip van, there's no shortage of options. Practical information, Follow the guide!

Plage de Los Lances Norte

Kitesurf spots in Tarifa

The guide to the different kite spots
Wave or flat, how to choose the best spot depending on the conditions Let's Fly !

restaurant à Tarifa

Some good

Are you looking for a good restaurant to discover the local gastronomy? Here are some good addresses in the Tarifa region.

apprendre le kitesurf à Tarifa

Activities to do
in Tarifa

What to see and do in Tarifa? There are so many possible activities in the region, between emotions and sensations.

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New Angels Tarifa
New Angels Tarifa

Sea Rescue Service.
If you are an autonomous rider, do not forget to register your Rescue card.
Indispensable by Levante.

école de kitesurf à Tarifa Duotone à Tarifa
Duotone True Kiteboarding

An essential reference brand in
the world of kitesurfing and windsurfing
for 20 years.

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