Module 3 – Independent

Kitesurfing upwind

Becoming an Independent Kitesurfer

You have successfully completed the waterstart and are experiencing the first gliding sensations?
Now you just have to learn how to ride.
Together, we will learn how to manage the speed of the board and the solid bases that allow you to obtain an efficient and elegant position on the water. Gradually, thanks to the notching and the look, you learn how to go upwind in kitesurfing.

Why, for whom?

kiteboarding upwind

To be considered an autonomous kiteboarder, we will also learn how to perform the Self-Rescue and other skills necessary for your autonomy and progression.

In this module we will learn :

IKO certification


At the end of this module you will be certified as an independent kitesurfer!

This means that you have the knowledge and skills to kitesurf independently.

You will then be able to consider renting or buying your first kitesurfing equipment and go out to discover the best kitesurfing spots around the world.

Certification Iko

Learn to kitesurf upwind

One of our main objectives when starting to kitesurf is to learn how to ride upwind.

To achieve this and to understand the finesse of it, we will use adapted equipment that allows us to focus easily on our position on the board, the look and a smooth piloting which are certainly the keys to learn how to ride upwind efficiently in kitesurfing.

Module 3 – Independent is for those who have mastered all the prerequisites of Module 2 – Intermediate

If you are already an experienced independent kitesurfer, learn to kitesurf and more with Module 4 – Advanced

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