Tarifa Matos école de kitesurf

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Discovering Tarifa

Why come to Tarifa?
An adventurous spirit, the desire to spend unforgettable holidays, to kitesurf on some of the most beautiful spots in Europe, more simply, to enjoy life and what nature has to offer.
Through this guide to Tarifa, we share with you the good addresses and activities to discover during your stay in the paradise of kitesurfers.

How to get to Tarifa?

How to travel to Tarifa easily?

Nothing is easier than that!

There are several airports nearby with regular flights. From the airport, you can reach the kitesurfers’ paradise by rented car, train, carpooling…
There is no shortage of options.

Practical information and nearest airports.

Follow the guide to Tarifa.

Logement à Tarifa
Dauphin commun du détroit de Gibraltar

Activities in Tarifa

Here is a list of activities that are definitely recommended when you visit Tarifa. Why not take advantage of a windless day to see the whales, dolphins, orcas and pilot whales that reside in the Strait of Gibraltar?

Discover the natural park on Andalusian horses, mountain bikes or simply by trekking.

Not forgetting the wonderful scuba diving in the most beautiful spots of Tarifa around the island of Las Palomas and the possibility to admire the underwater diversity that the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea offer.

Restaurants and other good addresses

Discover Andalusian gastronomy, go in search of a good restaurant.

There are plenty of good places to delight gourmets of all kinds, specialities, fish, tapas, meat, and vegetarian restaurants. Gastronomy is an integral part of Andalusian culture.

Don’t miss out, there is something for everyone.

Ruta del Atun Tarifa
Spots de kitesurf à Tarifa - Valdevaqueros

The best kitesurfing spots in Tarifa

If Tarifa is so famous for watersports, it’s also because of the great variety of spots in the area.
But which spot to choose according to the weather conditions, the orientation and the wind strength? 

Where to go when the Levante is too strong, what are the best orientations to enjoy Valdevaqueros and Los Lances?

Here is a guide to the kitesurfing spots in Tarifa and the surrounding area designed for kitesurfers.

Windguru Forecast in Tarifa

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