How to go to Tarifa ?

Travel to Tarifa by plane

How to go to Tarifa

There are three tourist airports close to Tarifa, Malaga, Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera, which are served by regular flights at democratic prices from all major European cities. 

Gibraltar is an interesting and fast option for travelers from the UK 

From the airport we recommend the option of renting a car to reach Tarifa, this is the easiest and most practical way to reach the airport, as you will still be autonomous once you arrive. 

It is also possible to reach the windy capital by carpooling or by bus. 

From the airport to Tarifa

Rental car

Probably the most practical and advantageous solution to go to Tarifa.

Take possession of your rental vehicles directly in the airport terminal, depending on the period you can find rental vehicles at very advantageous prices allowing you to enjoy the region as well as reach the kitesurf spots in peace.


Blablacar one of the largest carpooling network in the world.

It has become very easy to get from the airport to Tarifa or vice versa by sharing a vehicle with a private individual.

By bus

It is also possible to go to Tarifa by coach from Malaga airport.

Direct line between Malaga and Algeciras, then take a bus to Tarifa. Economical solution but a little longer and less flexible.

Camper Van road trip

Make the most of your kitesurfing holiday in Tarifa, explore Andalusia, on board a fully equipped Camper Van. 

Rent a van from Malaga (10 min from the airport), get behind the wheel and go on an adventure with VanBreack Malaga. 
You combine accommodation and a vehicle that allows you to travel to the most beautiful kitesurfing spots in the Tarifa area. 

Go on a Kitetrip with the kitesurfing school Matos Tarifa and Vanbreak and get a 10% discount on the rental of your van with the promo code “MATOS”.

VanBreak Malaga

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