Maintenance of your kitesurfing wetsuit

Both for promoting responsible material usage and managing our kitesurfing budget effectively, it’s essential to maximize the durability of your kitesurfing wetsuit.

This begins with how you put it on before the session and extends to the care you provide after each session.

Let’s explore together how to maintain your kitesurfing wetsuit.

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How to put on your wetsuit?

Try to avoid letting your wetsuit touch the ground.

Use a mat, towel, or large bucket so that your wetsuit doesn’t come into contact with the ground.

This might seem obvious, but various things on the ground such as oil, rocks, and other sharp objects can damage the neoprene of your suit.

Don’t pull on it like a madman!

There’s no need to yank it on forcefully; the seams are delicate.

To make it easier, you can put plastic bags on your feet to help it slide on more smoothly (usually, getting the legs through is the most difficult part). Take your time, try to pull up the neoprene gradually.

How to put on your kitesurfing wetsuit:

Clean your wetsuit.

How to clean a kitesurfing wetsuit:

After each kitesurfing session, make sure to thoroughly rinse your wetsuit in a bucket of water.

It’s even better if you can do this as soon as possible after getting out of the water, when the neoprene is still slightly damp.

The salt from seawater can crystallize as it dries, which can damage your wetsuit and even reduce its thermal comfort.

If you don’t have a bucket handy, use a garden hose or the shower at home to rinse it thoroughly on both sides, but avoid hot water, of course.

This is really crucial for extending the lifespan of your wetsuit and maintaining its peak performance!

Drying a kiteboarding wetsuit:

Let it dry in the shade and fresh air.

Allow your wetsuit to air dry naturally. Avoid using dryers, radiators, or other sources of heat, as excessive heat can damage the neoprene fibers and reduce their elasticity.

Hang it properly.

To facilitate water drainage and prevent deformation, hang your wetsuit upside down and at waist level, not by the shoulders.

how To dry a kiteboarding wetsuit

Disinfect your wetsuit.

How to disinfect a kiteboarding wetsuit

Use a mild and non-corrosive disinfectant that is safe for neoprene. Some effective options include:

Vinegar solution.

Mix one part white vinegar with three parts water in a large container. Submerge the neoprene suit in this solution for at least 30 minutes to effectively disinfect the material. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that kills bacteria and fungi without harming the neoprene.

Water and mild detergent solution.

There are disinfectants available on the market formulated specifically to clean and disinfect neoprene suits and other sports equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to dilute and apply the product properly.

Where to buy your kiteboarding wetsuit?

At, of course!

Located in Brussels, is THE reference for kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment, with top-notch customer service.

Isa and Oli will be able to advise you on your next wetsuit purchase based on thermal conditions and desired comfort.

The shop is also available online, always with the same top-notch service!

See you at the beach!


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