Matos, your kite school in Tarifa

Matos is your official kite school in Tarifa, FAV and IKO certified.
Our goal is to offer an ideal mix between the training of new kitesurfers and the progression of experienced riders who wish to improve in different disciplines such as strapless, tiki or freeride, all in an atmosphere “like at home” and thus continue the Matos Family dynamic.

Who are we?

Mat, a Belgian in Tarifa.

With a passion for the sea and water sports, and a passion for kitesurfing.

Leaving Belgium wasn’t a whim. It’s a path he set out on a few years ago. After a number of trips to Tarifa and back, I decided to live there and do what I do best: teach kitesurfing!

The Matos Kitesurf School was founded 10 years ago, initially in Belgium, where I taught kitesurfing on the North Sea and Zeeland spots. However, the desire to make a real living from this passion, as well as the cold and grey weather, pushed me towards Tarifa, the kitesurfing paradise.

Why choose Tarifa?

It’s an instantaneous love at first sight for a region that brings together living conditions that we love!

Life by the ocean, contact with this grandiose immensity, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. There is no visual routine when you are between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Every day is different. It’s like a theatre with a constantly changing set.

The wind, of course!

The geographical position of Tarifa is totally exceptional, the town of Tarifa is directly facing the African continent and forms with the Strait of Gibraltar a choke point for the wind flow between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. With the arrival of windsurfing in the 70’s, and later kitesurfing, Tarifa has become one of the most popular spots for windsurfers.

Anyway, it blows all the time in Tarifa with more than 320 days of wind per year, you can’t ask for more!

By the way, don’t hesitate to check the list of kite spots in Tarifa, very useful to select the best spot according to the announced wind conditions.

Why Matos Tarifa?

Matos, comes from the name of the shop in Belgium, it is without any doubt the best kitesurf – windsurf and Wake shop in Belgium. Advice, quality and after sales service at the top!

First customers for many years, we opened our first kite school in Belgium in collaboration with Isa and Oli the managers of Shop Matos. Logically, our school was then called: Matos Kite School

When we decided to open our school in Tarifa, we decided to continue this collaboration and Matos Tarifa was born.

What characterises us

With almost 10 years of teaching kitesurfing, we have acquired a solid expertise allowing us to know exactly what we want to offer to our students.
We clearly aim to train autonomous kitesurfers, within our kite school the objective is to offer a complete training from the initiation to the most advanced courses such as strapless, jumping courses and advanced courses that allow to be totally autonomous in the practice of kitesurfing.

An efficient teaching method

Learning to kitesurf, no matter what you say, is an investment that can be substantial. Considering the hours of lessons needed to become fully independent and the subsequent purchase of kitesurfing equipment, it is logical to seek to optimise the investment that the learning phase represents. The IKO pedagogy offers an efficient learning process, everything is developed to allow you to become an independent kitesurfer as quickly as possible thanks to a step-by-step learning process divided into kitesurfing course modules from your first contact with kitesurfing to complete autonomy.

Profitability of the learning: Your progress is directly linked to the time you spend practicing. Basically, every second spent with your kite under the guidance of your instructor develops your level.

This is why we mainly recommend private lessons and do not offer group lessons. Even if the price per hour is lower, you should not forget that having to share a kite between 4 people during one hour of lessons, reduces the effective practice time to 15 minutes per person. This is a choice that guarantees the quality of the lessons that we wanted to offer from the beginning.

Top kitesurfing gear!

The quality of the material, mainly the kites used during your learning process, has a great influence on the speed of your progress. The feel and smoothness of the Duotone Neo and Evo kites are perfect for learning to kitesurf. These kites offer precise and predictable bar feedback that makes learning to kitesurf quick and easy.

The Tiki, the DNA of our kite school

The Tiki is a type of board imagined by Sylvain Maurin in 2013 and which is creating more and more addicts in the kitesurfing world. It is a large wooden board, usually paulownia, with shapes directly inspired by the very first Hawaiian surfboards.

The tiki offers a lot of advantages: a wide and soft gliding sensation, an impressive capacity to go upwind, a great lift allowing a quick learning of strapless and a formidable weapon in light wind.

Matos Tarifa is the only kite school to offer tiki lessons as well as downwind and touring.


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