Learn kitesurfing in Tarifa

To learn kitesurfing, the very first objective is to develop an intuitive control of your kite as well as to learn all that is necessary to practice kitesurfing safely. Accompanied by your instructor, you will discover the feeling and the smoothness necessary to obtain a stable control of your kite. Contrary to popular belief, kitesurfing is not about force but about smoothness; this is what makes kitesurfing a sport accessible to all.

Come and learn kitesurfing in Tarifa, Europe’s kitesurfing and watersports paradise.

Kite module Lv. 1 - DISCOVERY

Together, during this first module of the kite lessons, we will learn to:

This is your entry into the world of kitesurfing!

Why, for whom?

How many hours of lessons are needed to learn to kitesurf?

The average number of hours to become an autonomous kiteboarder is between 12 and 15 hours of lessons.
Obviously, this can vary slightly depending on different parameters such as:

In all cases the key word is: no pressure ! We are all different, to each his own rhythm.

Kiteboarding gear provided by the school

apprendre le kitesurf

It is essential to feel comfortable and safe when learning kitesurfing.

The feeling of control and the comfort of piloting inevitably depends on the use of recent kites in perfect working order with a predictable and reactive behaviour adapted to the teaching. 

At Matos Tarifa, we offer you the latest equipment of the current year and top quality with kites and bars of the brand Duotone with the NEO and EVO ranges ideal for their predictable behaviour, easy to relaunch in the water and excellent sensations on the bar. 

Duotone Kiteboarding

Equipment provided for your kitesurfing course:

To bring with you:

Is kitesurfing a dangerous sport?

No, even if it is often perceived as an extreme sport, the risks and dangers associated with learning kitesurfing are proportional to the level and the practice that one makes of it. 
In practice, kitesurfing is no more dangerous than scuba diving or paragliding.

Of course, like all outdoor sports that engage with the natural elements such as the sea and wind, kitesurfing requires a complete apprenticeship with professional instructors in an official kite school in order to practice and progress in kitesurfing in an autonomous and responsible manner.

école de kitesurf à Tarifa

Why choose Tarifa to learn kitesurfing?

To learn kitesurfing in Tarifa is an excellent choice if you want to become an independent kitesurfer. The wind conditions and the configuration of the spots are perfect for a complete learning process allowing you to learn any spot.

Learning to kitesurf in Tarifa with Matos Kite School is the guarantee of a fast progression towards autonomy that allows you to sail on any spot in the world.

Enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia to learn kitesurfing. 


Kite Lesson Plan Lv. 1 - Discovery

Acquired skills?
You are ready to enter the water!
Let's go to level 2 INTERMEDIATE

Price of kitesurfing lessons

Private Course

1 student / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
60 / h 2 - 3h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 1 Kite / 1 student
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 2 Kites / 1 Instructor
40 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 2 Kites / 2 students
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
30 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 1 Kite / 2 students
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Radio Headsets
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