Apprendre le Tiki Kitesurf

Tiki Kitesurfing

Tiki Lessons - Wood and Style

Return to the roots of surfing!

The Tiki is a long wooden board (most often Paulownia) specially designed and imagined for kitesurfing.

It is a formidable weapon in light winds with an easy start from 8 knots, but which also holds up perfectly to 30 knots and more.
The length of its rail and its flexibility thus offer a great ability to go upwind and a feeling of light and soft gliding.

Ideal for getting started with Strapless, its great lift forgives beginners’ positioning errors and allows them to focus more on the balance between steering the kite and navigating on this pretty board.

The feedback and sensations are excellent thanks to the Paulownia wood which faithfully transmits the movements of the board to the feet.

The Tiki absorbs the chop and offers an incredibly smooth ride.

Why, for whom?

⇒ Prerequisite: To be a Level 3 INDEPENDENT

The desire to explore new sensations of sliding.

A weapon in the light and strong wind.

An exceptional upwind capacity

A tool for long distances.

Smooth and fast glide.

Tiki Kitesurf Lesson Plan

Tiki Kitesurf
Sylvain Maurin en Tiki Kitesurf a

Explore the kitesurfing spots! 

No more being limited to left and right tacks without any real movement on the kitesurfing spots. 

The flexibility and the large size of the Tiki offers you an exceptional upwind ride and without having to force the legs, you can swallow the miles of navigation with a disconcerting ease. 

Thus, the Tiki is a great tool to explore the spots and to move not only from the beach to the sea and back, but also from top to bottom.   

As you can see, it is also the perfect companion for big downwinds.

The Tiki offers another dimension to kitesurfing!

“The most difficult thing in Tiki is not getting on it, but coming down.”

Sylvain Maurin

Price of kitesurfing lessons

Private Course

1 student / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
60 / h 2 - 3h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 1 Kite / 1 student
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Helmet with Radio

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 2 Kites / 1 Instructor
40 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 2 Kites / 2 students
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Helmet with Radio

Semi-Private Course

2 students / 1 Kite / 1 Instructor
30 / h 3 - 4h / day
  • 1 IKO - FAV Instructor
  • 1 Kite / 2 students
  • Complete gear
  • R.C / ACC insurance
  • Helmet with Radio
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